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In "The Night We Ran Away With the Road (and a Fox)," a captivating dreamscape unfolds. One woman, yearning for the unknown, gazes at a winding road that stretches towards distant mountains. Her companion, nestled amidst the comfort of home with a curious fox, represents the beauty found in the familiar. Yet, both are united by a sense of adventure, symbolized by the mischievous fox. This artwork serves as a potent reminder: life's most incredible discoveries often lie beyond the expected. Embrace the unexpected turns, chase the whispers of wonder, and forge your path, just like the women in this captivating scene. Let this piece ignite the spark within you that compels you to explore the unseen corners of your world and celebrate the magic found in every journey.

The Night We Ran Away With the Road (and a Fox)

PriceFrom $10.00
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