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Have you ever felt like the only soul traversing a vast, unfamiliar landscape? "Lost But Not Lonely" captures that feeling perfectly, yet whispers a secret promise. Yes, the path stretches before you, marked by solitary footprints in the sand. But look closer. There, on the windswept shore, bathed in the drama of a cloud-filled sky, stands a silent guardian – an angel carved from stone. You may feel lost, but you are never alone. This artwork is a reminder that even in the wilderness, even when doubt creeps in, there's a beacon of hope waiting. Every step you take brings you closer to that unwavering presence, a source of strength and solace that will guide you through your journey. So take a deep breath, wanderer, and let the mystery unfold. You are on the right path.

Lost But Not Lonely

PriceFrom $10.00
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