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Behold the "Keeper of the Stone Gate." This captivating collage invites you into a world of quiet contemplation and boundless possibility. The woman in white, bathed in the archway's gentle glow, embodies thoughtful introspection. We all find ourselves at such junctures, pondering the vastness of life's journey. Yet, a silent dialogue unfolds above. The imposing grackle, perched on the mountainside, seems to gaze with knowing eyes. Perhaps it whispers a message: even in moments of stillness, a universe of adventure awaits. "Keeper of the Stone Gate" is an anthem for the dreamer within. It reminds us to embrace introspection, find peace in the present, and then rise with renewed purpose to explore the beauty beyond the threshold. This piece is an invitation to embrace both the stillness within and the exhilarating possibilities outside.

Keeper of the Stone Gate

PriceFrom $10.00
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