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In "Beyond the Bevel," a captivating photo collage, we stand at the precipice of the extraordinary. A lone grackle, grounded on a weathered floor etched with gears – symbols of the everyday grind – gazes directly at us. Yet, a mere step beyond the threshold of a worn archway lies a dreamscape waiting to be explored. Glowing oversized and ethereal flowers illuminate a world shrouded in mist, a stark contrast to the grackle's familiar reality. It's a reminder that within the framework of our daily lives, magic waits to be discovered. The grackle, perhaps, is a sentinel, urging us to step through the archway to embrace the unknown.  "Beyond the Bevel" whispers a powerful message: the world is brimming with possibility, waiting for those who dare to explore. It's a call to action, urging us to push past the familiar and embrace the fantastical, for even the most grounded realities hold the seeds of breathtaking beauty. Let this piece be a source of inspiration, a reminder that the extraordinary is woven into the fabric of the every day, and all it takes is a single step through the archway to discover it.

Beyond the Bevel

PriceFrom $10.00
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