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Embrace Nature's Beauty at W Craig Photography – Welcome In!

The Story Behind the Lens

Welcome to the Wilds of W Craig Photography!

Hi there, I'm Windy Craig, and the world of nature photography is my happy place. My love for capturing the beauty of the outdoors runs deep – it's practically in my genes, you could say (photography and art are a family tradition!). From delicate flower close-ups to breathtaking landscapes, I find endless inspiration in the natural world.

Recently, I've been delving into a new creative adventure: surreal photo collages. Combining my nature shots with free photos from Pexels, I'm weaving a touch of the fantastical into my work. Maybe it's a hint of my love for gothic stories and a dash of mystery creeping in!

So, whether you're a nature enthusiast or enjoy a touch of the unexpected, explore the wild side of photography with me!


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